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Stats for player 'herod''

Long Service TrophyFirst Blood TrophyWinners TrophyPunctured Heart Medal
Date Joined: 17/06/2012
Last Date Login Used: 30/04/2016
League Points: 0
Trophies:[?]Long Service Trophy
First Blood Trophy
Winners Trophy
Punctured Heart Medal
Awards:Winning the 2015 Campaign! (from SteveSmith), Top of the League, ma! (from Jez), First person to give me an award (from Rob'em), Guerrilla Warfare (from Forest), Master of Nerve Gas (from igoryan), Nerve Gas user :) (from dArKHaLf), Galaxy Battler (from prince_huggy)
Average Days Per Turn: 0.029592553
Arch Nemesis [?]: teo
Total Forum Posts: 601
Total Concedes: 18
Favourite Mission: None yet
Campaign Squad Name: Darkside Panthers
Location: Battersea
Website: https://http://
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GAME STATSFullPractise
Total Games Finished: 425
Total Current Games: 00
Total Victories: 302
Total Draws: 10
Total Defeats: 113
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