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Stellar Forces is a turn-based multi-player squad strategy game.

Take control of an elite squad and defeat opponents in one of 100+ missions. Choose what to equip them with, where to deploy them, and then use whatever strategy and tactics you want to ensure victory.

Once you have registered using the PC or Android app, you can play as many games as you want. This game has no adverts and no in-app purchases.

This game is played in a casual way. Once you have taken your turn, your opponent is notified by e-mail that it is now their turn. However, they may not take it straight away. Typically, expect to take a turn and then wait about a day to take your next turn. Of course, you can play as many concurrent games as you can handle if you get bored in the meantime!

Now running for over 10 years!

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07 Jun 2023 19:43: Dijon_p (Angels of Death) has defeated RABID (The Fugitives) in The Angels of Death

07 Jun 2023 17:04: RABID (Banana Republic) has defeated Cpt Fishmonger, petermock, xeno in The Flood (practise)

06 Jun 2023 20:58: Dijon_p (The Alien) has defeated RABID (The Nostromo Crew) in Alien

05 Jun 2023 21:53: Dijon_p (Laser Squad) has defeated xeno, petermock, RABID in Underground Meltdown

03 Jun 2023 12:43: free palestine. (Globex Industries) has defeated RABID, SteveSmith, petermock in Alien Colony*

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6Cpt Fishmonger53
9Gooey Blob12
Recent Posts

Game 52776: free palestine., petermock, Gooey Blob, xeno in 'Colonization 2'

2 things have happened on my turn regarding Medi Bays My engineer engulfed on flames made a said medi bay, stepped onto it, one square away and died. Medi bay was within the flames. A clone nearby on flames also took advantage of the same medi bay and died at the turn end. I don't think this new option is a game changer. Maybe if there's one already built and clear of flames...but really that's not going to happen profusely. Test it out before condemning it was all I was saying.
Posted by petermock 1 days ago

Game 52840: RABID, xeno, free palestine., petermock in 'Underground Capture the Flag'

Clones are small fry. Engineers are the ones that will test it. The big fish. Anyway, a constructive debate has to look at the pros and cons, can't just have only "positive" comments allowed. This change is here to stay, I'm not naive, and that's fine, I'm not fully on board with it, I won't apologise for that, but I'm not completely against it either; a shade of grey let's say. I won't post anymore as we are just going back and forth and it doesn't change anything. Good luck, all the best.
Posted by xeno 2 days ago

Posted by petermock 2 days ago

Game 52840: RABID, xeno, free palestine., petermock in 'Underground Capture the Flag'

I am writing on behalf of my forward clone unit, he's in the middle of an exploded incendiary grenade, no medi bays are near by. The nearest engineer is too far away to help by building one. He's going to burn to death, the aggressive offensive use of the incendiary grenade is still relevant, effective and deadly.
Posted by petermock 2 days ago

Game 52776: free palestine., petermock, Gooey Blob, xeno in 'Colonization 2'

I thought it was worth trying this new idea out, as Steve has changed it he must also feel it's worthy of a trial. Rejecting something before actually trying it out seems somewhat premature.
Posted by petermock 2 days ago

Game 52776: free palestine., petermock, Gooey Blob, xeno in 'Colonization 2'

Well first of all I feel it is a medibay not an extinguisher, but it doesn't make much difference to me per se about that. No, the main reason I'm somewhat "negative" about it is the fact it will affect me negatively, so naturally I see it in that light. I suppose I'm looking after my own style of playing which is in quite an aggressive manner in colonisation games, on the front foot. I nearly always buy incendiary grenades in colonisation games, especially underground ones, and use them mainly in an attacking manner, nothing better than seeing your opponent's engineers on fire, and fire covering other's generators, clones generating on fire! Now it will be a slight counter against that. Of course no doubt it will benefit me at times, just I feel for me at le[...]
Posted by xeno 3 days ago

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