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NumberDate StartedMissionPlayersTurn (Max)Waiting On
1(52471)06/08/2022Rescue from the MinesGame not started yet1 (30)Waiting for both players
2(52592)27/11/2022The AssassinsGame not started yet1 (20)Waiting for both players
3(52618)19/12/2022Underground ColonyRABID, Rost310, petermock, SteveSmith34 (-1)petermock
4(52619)19/12/2022Underground MeltdownRABID, petermock, Rost310, Socrates48 (-1)petermock
5(52640)27/12/2022Moonbase AssaultGame not started yet1 (30)Waiting for both players
6(52648)01/01/2023Moonbase AssaultAssassor, AI2 (30)Assassor
7(52655)12/01/2023Moonbase AssaultPlayer Gill39, AI2 (30)Player Gill39
8(52656)12/01/2023The AssassinsDarklight, AI7 (20)Darklight
9(52658)12/01/2023Underground MeltdownRost310, Dijon_p, petermock, Gooey Blob15 (-1)petermock
10(52662)16/01/2023Underground ColonyRABID, SteveSmith, thrashbarg, petermock16 (-1)petermock
11(52666)19/01/2023The Assassinscynewolf, AI3 (20)cynewolf
12(52667)23/01/2023DenunciationGooey Blob, SteveSmith7 (25)Gooey Blob
13(52668)24/01/2023The AssassinsSteveSmith, AI3 (20)SteveSmith
14(52670)26/01/2023Prison RiotCpt Fishmonger, RABID1 (25)Cpt Fishmonger
15(52671)28/01/2023Escape 4-Player Game not started yet1 (30)Waiting for both players
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