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NumberDate StartedMissionPlayersTurn (Max)Waiting On
1(52471)06/08/2022Rescue from the MinesGame not started yet1 (30)Waiting for both players
2(52776)08/04/2023Colonization 2free palestine., petermock, xeno, Gooey Blob35 (-1)xeno
3(52789)16/04/2023Underground Colony Co-Op [Large map]free palestine., RABID, Rost310, petermock33 (-1)free palestine.
4(52795)17/04/2023Underground ColonyRABID, xeno, free palestine., petermock34 (-1)xeno
5(52798)19/04/2023Moonbase AssaultGame not started yet1 (30)Waiting for both players
6(52804)22/04/2023The AssassinsForest, AI1 (20)Forest
7(52805)22/04/2023The AssassinsDrigert, AI1 (20)Drigert
8(52816)01/05/2023Underground Colonyxeno, RABID, SteveSmith, thrashbarg63 (-1)SteveSmith
9(52826)08/05/2023The AssassinsZaxon Crump, AI1 (20)Zaxon Crump
10(52837)16/05/2023The AssassinsGame not started yet1 (20)Waiting for both players
11(52838)17/05/2023Small Underground ColonyRABID, free palestine., xeno, petermock20 (-1)xeno
12(52839)19/05/2023Colonization 4 - Pleasure Domexeno, free palestine., RABID, petermock13 (-1)xeno
13(52840)19/05/2023Underground Capture the FlagRABID, xeno, petermock, free palestine.19 (-1)xeno
14(52841)19/05/2023Escort 2v2Game not started yet1 (20)Waiting for both players
15(52844)22/05/2023Practise Mission with AIZaxon Crump, AI1 (20)Zaxon Crump
16(52845)23/05/2023Alien Colony*RABID, SteveSmith, free palestine., petermock18 (-1)SteveSmith
17(52849)25/05/2023Moonbase Assault 3-PlayerRABID, xeno, Socrates10 (25)xeno
18(52850)26/05/2023Kill Frenzy 4-PlayerRABID, Socrates, xeno, Gooey Blob8 (20)Gooey Blob
19(52851)28/05/2023ColonizationRABID, xeno, petermock, free palestine.8 (-1)xeno
20(52852)29/05/2023Laboratory Attack 2v2Socrates, xeno, petermock, Gooey Blob7 (25)Gooey Blob
21(52854)31/05/2023Underground Capture the Flagxeno, SteveSmith, free palestine., Dijon_p7 (-1)xeno
22(52857)01/06/2023Battle RoyaleRABID, xeno, Socrates, petermock6 (20)xeno
23(52858)03/06/2023Moonbase AssaultSamfireclass23, AI2 (30)Samfireclass23
24(52859)05/06/2023Moonbase Clashxeno, Dijon_p2 (30)xeno
25(52863)05/06/2023Practise Mission with AIxxxxxxxx, AI2 (20)xxxxxxxx
26(52865)06/06/2023Battle RoyaleGame not started yet1 (20)Waiting for both players
27(52866)07/06/2023The Angels of DeathGame not started yet1 (20)Waiting for both players
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