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The Cyber Hordes

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A small band of rebels must defend a rebel planet station from attack by an Imperial droid squad on the large planet of Azar. The base contains seven stabiliser cores which prevent seismic instability under the planets thin crust. The imperial squad leaders have pinpointed the weaknesses in Azars defences and have assembled a squad designed for the task of destroying the cores. If they succeed the existance of the entire rebel colony on Azar would be threatened.

REBEL SQUAD: In the two player game the Rebels must eliminate all eight of the droids in order to win. The Rebels must destroy 100 victory points worth of droids in order to win.

DROID SQUAD: The droid squad wins if at least five of the stabiliser cores are destroyed or if all the Rebel squad are killed. Note that several members of the droid squad come pre-equipped with certai weaponry.

Mission created by Paasque


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