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Alien Containment

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The Rebels have managed to capture a live Alien specimen from the doomed colony on LV-427 for research into a way to ultimately destroy this menace. The live specimen is currently held at the Pafuri-9 secure research facilty.

However, the Alien specimen was released by a deep-cover Marsec spy at the very moment the Marsec Corp dropped an elite strikeforce into the facilty to destroy all Laser Squad intelligence on the Alien race.

Meanwhile, the Alien itself has turned on its captor and impregnated the Marsec spy and two trapped scientists: now four Aliens prepare to escape to kill all humans!

The Rebels must vanquish the Marsec Corp, defend their computers and stop the Aliens from breaking free while awaiting reinforcements to arrive!

Side 1: (The Aliens)
At least one of the Aliens must escape from the facility before the turns expire to win. The aliens will also impregnate any humans they kill which will produce a new alien on the following turn.

Side 2: (The Rebels)
The Rebels must prevent the Aliens from escaping and defend the computers until the turns expire to win.

Side 3: (Marsec Corporation)
The Marsec agents must prevent the Aliens from escaping and destroy all the computers before the turns expire to win.

Mission created by Deadlime


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