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Moonbase Assault: Undercover Agent

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The moonbase on ZZ-PluralZ-Alpha holds security information on the 30 billion population of galaxy sector nine. Somewhere hidden in sector nine is the infamous 'Rebelstar'. A small band of rebels have penetrated the moon's outer defences and must destroy the computer records before the Rebel location is finally deciphered.

Unfortunately for the Rebels, two of their group has been brainwashed by the Marsec Corporation. At the start of the mission, they are fully functioning member of the Rebels; they are only controlled by the Rebel's player and only the Rebel's player can see what the unit can see. However, any time after turn 4 an agent can be 'activated' by the Marsec Corporation during their turn, by means of a high-frequency signal. That unit will then be fully under the control of the Marsec player just like the other Marsec units.

The agents are activated via the game options on the website Scanner page. The agents are randomly chosen from all the units on the Rebels side, and the Rebel player has no way of knowing which units they are.

If you activate the agents while taking your turn, please exit and re-select the game in order for the client to receive the agent's new status.

Side 1:
The Rebels will receive 5 VPs for each computer that is destroyed.

Side 2:
The Marsec Corporation must kill the Rebels or hold out until the game ends.


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