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Denunciation 2v2

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Ambassadors representing the warring Banana Republic and the Rebels have arranged treaty talks at a neutral venue on Sigma 7. As they sit down to talk their office is sprayed with gunfire from an unknown sniper. They have no alternative now but to fall back and let their personal entourage eliminate their rival ambassadors.

Players 1 and 3:
The Banana Republic will win by killing one Rebel Ambassador before the turns runs out.

Players 2 and 4:
The Rebels will win by killing one Banana Republic Ambassador before the turns runs out.

NOTE: This is a 2v2 mission. To succeed you must work together with the player sharing the same faction. You will win or lose together. Also, only one Ambassador needs to be killed to end the game!

Mission created by Deadlime (Linden Clark)


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