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The Stardrive

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The local faction here have a Security Device which is vital to sustaining control of this sector. It is hidden deep within a network of sewers beneath the city of Pashir on the planet Prozine 5. If a rival faction can steal this device they will be able to assume control of this sector.

Side 1 / Attackers:
The Attackers will win by getting the Security Device back from the defenders and taking it to the exit where they first deployed.

Side 2 / Defenders:
The Defenders will win by killing all of the attackers, or preventing the attackers from returning the Security Device to the exit before the turns run out. The Stardrive is initially placed in the hands of the first defending unit.

There is a piece of equipment available called the Stardrive Proximity Scanner, which will inform you how many squares away the Stardrive is. This will prove invaluable for locating it!


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