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The Assylum

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The Antchester Orbital Security Facility is celebrating its perfect record with an inaugural Screws vs Lags zero-G Soccer match. However 15 prisoners have divided themselves into 3 factions and are using this event to arm themselves and make a desperate bid for freedom while the guards only have a sekelton crew of 6 on shift. The shift-manager cannot allow more that 3 prisoners from either faction to escape or he will find himself shipped off to the Titan Penal Colony!

The question for the prisoners is do they work together to defeat a common enemy? They will get no VPs for killing other prisoners, but there can be only one winner.

Side 1, 2, 3:
A Prisoners side will win if at least three units make it to the escape hatch.

Side 4:
The Guards will win if all prisoners are killed or the time runs out.


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