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Alien Hordes: Xenophobia

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Despite Omni-Corp's efforts somehow the Alien menace has spread to the distant proto-planet of Quicksilva. Here an isolated band of survivors waits to be extracted - but first their outpost must endure a fierce Alien assault!

Side 1:
The aliens must kill all of the Galactix Corp.

Side 2:
The Galactix Corp must kill all the aliens.

If there are units from both sides left at the end, the game is a draw.

Aliens: Try preventing the humans from leaving the building. If the humans escape either persue them or occupy the building. As a nasty stealth surprise save the queen to later or conversely have her aggressively leading the charge. Use the death explosion of aliens as a close combat weapon. The acid is deadly and can set off unprimed grenades carried by humans.

Humans: You may stay and defend the building but heading outside into the open greatly increases your chances of survival and a win. Establish an outside safe point, possibly near the map edge. To win, hunt down the aliens that may now be lurking obscured behind blocks or have sneaked into the house. Grenades take out alien clusters, cover such as walls and blocks and why not obliterate part or all of the building?


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